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2D vs. 3D

2012 January 30
by elizabeth_admin

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Lately, I have been jonesing for tiles.  Not bathroom tiles.  I’m talking about mosaic tiles.  There is something so cathartic about nipping tiles.  The monotony of nipping, the strength needed to do so, the repetition which leads to growing skill.  At first the cuts involve a lot of luck getting the shape you want, but gradually, as the nipper becomes an extension of your hand, you gain skill at nipping the glass or tile, and the shapes you cut are just what you planned.  Making mosaics, for me at least, is a 2D activity.  I am good at 2D.

What I’m not good at is 3D.  Sewing, specifically making clothing, is most definitely a 3-D exercise.  Thinking in 3D, or attempting to do so, is mentally taxing for me.  I’m sure that the longer I continue working sewing garments, the easier this skill set will come to me and that eventually I will graduate a 3D thinking capability.  Eventually.

Sometimes though, I’m not in the mood to flex my mind around 3D projects but I still have the creative urge.  That’s when I start craving my tile nipper and my smalti glass.  I’ve been thinking about setting up a mosaics table in the corner of my bedroom lately.  If I set it up permanently, it would just be there waiting for me and whenever the 2D urge hits.  How awesome would that be? 

If you asked me what the common thread is between mosaics and sewing, I would have to say it’s the materials used in both.  For me, the glass tiles of mosaics are like little sparkly jewels.  They draw me in.  I want to touch them, look at them and arrange them.  Fabrics have the same effect on me.  I think that’s why I’m such a hard-core print girl.  I just love the beauty of shapes and colors.   It doesn’t hurt that both activities are highly tactile.  I am very touch driven.  I love to touch fabrics, plants, you name it, to feel their texture. 

I have really missed making mosaics the last four years.  It would be so amazing to get back to it.    Now all I have to do is figure out how to prevent the glass shards from ending up in my bed.  Any suggestions?

In other creative news…  Due to a surprise visit this weekend not much sewing happened, although I did manage to cut out my Burda top.  Hopefully I can get to it tonight.  For now, I will leave you with some shots from the weekend.

Jack and Lucas at the Intrepid Museum


Getting non-blurry pictures of kids is always a challenge.  Lucas and his dad visited this weekend and we went to the Intrepid museum.  Very cool.  The kids loved it!


Proof positive that I have started my Burda top.

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  1. annie permalink
    January 30, 2012

    Nothing to do with the post but I can’t find an email address. Where in the Sam Hill are you finding washers big enough to use as pattern weights? Don’t have ’em in a 60 mile radius of my abode. Maybe I’m asking for the wrong thing. Thanks.

  2. January 31, 2012

    My experience was that I really struggled to see in 3d at first but I kept at it and it clicked in the end. (Admittedly this was while studying maths rather than dressmaking!) I do sometimes have to try things out in minature to see how they’re going to work.

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