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6 Things Single People Hate To Hear Repetitively

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It has been seen on several occasions that committed people tend to have more interest in what has been happening in their single friend’s life. In urge of asking their single friends about their lives, the committed ones try and show empathy or sometimes, smirk. This is not cool at all. In all fairness, singles have more sex with different partners than the people in relationships. Here are 6 things which single people hate hearing again and again:

“Don’t you get lonely at times?”

This is one of the most asked questions which is usually asked from a committed person to a single friend. Look, if I get lonely, I’ve my friends to hang out with. I don’t have to cancel on my friends just because my partner is not in the mood. See? it’s even more fun. But people don’t understand this. Singles are not lonely. They have friends.

“Relationship is a beautiful this, you need to give it a try”

This advice of a committed person will fall on deaf ears if tried on singles. They are bored of listening to such ill advice. I”m mean, sure, being in a relationship might be a magical and extremely palpable experience but don’t, even for one second, undermine the experience of being single. Everything has its own flavor and if comparisons have to be made, make sure that the playing fields are even.

“Stop being so picky in your life”

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Accusations of being picky start piling up after a certain age if you are single. Even if you are happily single, people get judgemental and start naming your faults and failures. They need to be told that if things are not working out, it is better to leave it alone. Imagine being in a relationship just for the sake of it. How will that turn out? Being picky, sometimes, can help prevent disasters.

“Get back with your ex”

Now, when nothing else works out, singles are advised to go back to them with whom they were once in a relationship. This is probably the most hurtful thing someone can say to a broken up person. They don’t understand the pain and grief one might have with this kind of emotions and a trigger is all that is needed to make it even worse.

“Try online dating”

Again, why would someone suggest this to a friend? Where are the old school dudes who love to be the “Have you met Ted..” guys for their friends in a bar? Anyway, online dating is extremely overrated and there is nothing out there for people looking for true love.

This “try online dating” tip pisses the singles off every time they have suggested this option. People need to understand that if a person is single, that doesn’t mean that he/she has been living under a rock. We know what technology is!

“Why don’t you join the gym?”

That’s insulting on so many levels that I can’t tell you. But hysterical at the same time. Most of the committed people you’ll see are in bad shape. Talk about the irony. This stigma of implying one’s body shape is responsible for him/her being single is utter nonsense. People do need to grow up sometimes.

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