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I have been creating since I was little.  I started out in music, becoming an opera singer, but have moved through many different creative pursuits along the way: knitting, mosaics, sewing, and painting.  Even creating the little boy who lives with me, my son Jack.  Sewing has been my main obsession for the last seven years, but I have taken up painting in the last two years and recently returned to making mosaics now that my son is out of the crawling stage (ahem, he has been for quite some time).

Jack and I moved from New York City across the country to San Diego two years ago to live closer to my parents.  I left the corporate world and hope to be back working in a new field soon.  Right now I have more time to sew, to paint, and to make mosaics.  I look forward to seeing my blog evolve as my life evolves.  I hope you will join me on my journey.

My sister says that I need to be entertained all the time.  Luckily, I know how to entertain myself now with all of my varied interests.  😉

Thanks for visiting!

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