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Accidental fabric purchases

2011 March 10
by elizabeth_admin

Oh ok, so they weren’t truly accidental purchases.  They were more of the on purpose kind.  Fine, you caught me. 

I will also confess to not feeling motivated to work on my blouse since the french seam mishap.  But I have been inspired by the dress I would like to make for Katie’s birthday and the shorts I will make for Thor’s birthday, my niece and nephew. 

The starting point for Katie’s dress was this fabric a blue and green floral on a crisp white background.  Katie’s eyes are a blue/green and go either bluer or greener depending on what she’s wearing.  I have a feeling this print will be stunning on her.   It’s a rainy day here in NYC, so even though I took these pictures in the day next to a window, the quality of my pictures is not that great.

And the basic shirred dress I made before for my other niece, Haley, last year.


I wanted to use my blue and green floral for the bodice and most of the skirt and then find a great contrasting solid or print for the bottom ruffle.  I may or may not add lace at the bottom for Katie’s dress.  Probably not though because she’s older and I want the dress to have a more modern feel this time.

I couldn’t find a solid voile that matched the colors exactly, but I did find this abstract stripe that was dead on color-wise.  I’m not sure, however, if it’s a good contrast to the floral or if it’s too dissonant.  Here’s the print without the floral swatch.

And here it is with the floral swatch in the middle.

What do you think?  Too dissonant or an interesting contrast?  I thought I would use the striped fabric for the straps and for the bottom ruffle.  In which case, I would make sure I gathered the ruffle quite a bit.  Of course, I will have to shun my ex-boyfriend for this purpose since he is so inconsistent with his gathering abilities.  We still haven’t gotten back together.  *sniff sniff*

For Thor’s shorts, I was looking for a seersucker to make him some simple elastic waist shorts with back patch pockets and maybe a cuff.   Here’s what I found for Thor.

I love how seersucker can either look formal or fancy depending on how you style it.  And I love how it looks on little boys!

Here were some other things I picked up for me.  Because if you’re going to accidentally buy fabric, you may as well make it a train wreck, right?  First up is a madras.  I have dying to try my hand with madras, either for a skirt or shorts, ever since Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics made her skirt last year.  I love the muted colors of this madras colorway.  Usually they come in really preppy red, white and blue mixes.


And you can’t leave Kashi’s without the requisite dig in his remnant box.  Here’s what I pulled out.  1 yd of this red dotty knit for a top.  Now I have to make the navy skirt suit to go with it.  😉

All in all, I only spent $26.  Pretty good for me.  I usually don’t leave Kashi’s without spending at least $40.  But I guess summer cottons are much cheaper than fall woolens.  I can’t wait to start on Katie’s dress tonight!

Happy sewing!

ETA:  Kashi asked me to let you all know that he has tons of new fabrics in the store and to come on in.  I can attest that it was definitely more difficult to walk around the store than usual due to all the bolts.  He has great fabrics and great prices.  Stop in!

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  1. March 10, 2011

    Well you sure showed a lot more restraint than when I was in there last week. I spent 3 1/2x that much but I bought the most amazing double sided wool – cause in my head it aint spring yet! *LOL*

  2. March 10, 2011

    You should definitely use the two together. Even if it really does not work, you’ll learn something. One thing to keep in mind when mixing prints is that there “should” be a dominant and an accent. Keep the accent smaller so the observer knows what is supposed to be dominant. I would use the stripe on the bias if it were me. Maybe a 2″ bias binding at the hem, rather than a ruffle. But do whatever you think best.

  3. March 10, 2011

    Love the way the stripes and the floral go together!

    And now I have to go look at my fabric album to remind myself that there are many great projects waiting for me and I don’t need more.

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