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Alexander McQueen Exhibit

2011 June 15
by elizabeth_admin

Last Friday I had a date with Alexander McQueen.  Well, the exhibit at the Met anyway.  I went with Claudine; poor Carolyn had to cancel at the last minute. 

Before I talk about the exhibit, let me explain my background a little so you understand the “viewpoint” from which I viewed this exhibit.  I am an 80’s girl through and through.  I studied Opera, not fashion.  I came to sewing late in life.  The only reality TV I watch is Project Runway and for only a couple of seasons (since I started sewing).  I don’t look at fashion magazines or go to fashion sites on-line.  I wouldn’t say I am oblivious of fashion, but I am definitely not knowledgeable.  I have heard of Alexander McQueen, but if he or his designs had marched right under my nose, I wouldn’t have known.  Get it now? 

There was a line to see the exhibit and it was crowded when you walked through it, but it was oh so worth it.  WOW.  I am not often awestruck, but this was definitely a time that I was.  The vision Mr. McQueen had and that he wrought is so beautiful and meaningful.  The artistry that went into making his designs (I can’t call them clothes, because they were so much more than just clothes), was mind-boggling.  These designs weren’t just pretty things to wear.  They were thought provoking, inspiring, edgy, and, in my humble opinion, furthered the boundaries of fashion design. 

I am hard-pressed to choose a favorite in this exhibit, but I did mightily love the romance of the dresses in this room.

image from


If you have a chance to see this exhibit, please do.  I am still reacting to and processing all that I saw last Friday.


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  1. June 15, 2011

    Ok, I want to know more… you studied opera. You are a professional signer? this is so great. This was my child’s dream, one day, I will tell you why I do not sing professionally.

    Any how, fashion is like art. You can appreciate it without knowing a great deal about it. You can learn about it at any age. You can make a form of expression only if you desire.

    I would love to see the exhibit… sigh… In Montreal, we have Jean Paul Gaultier not bad either.

  2. Shams permalink
    June 16, 2011

    Oh, so jealous. Sorry Carolyn couldn’t make it, but it sounds like a dream outing with a dream group to me. 🙂

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