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Bib Sweatshop

2013 August 21
by elizabeth_admin

I’ve been working in a sweatshop the last couple of days.  A friend of mine requested some bibs for some upcoming baby showers.  9 bibs in fact.  I sewed them assembly style and even remembered to sew on my labels before I sewed the backs onto the fronts this time.  *patting self on back*

Since the sexes of the babies are not known, we tried to choose gender neutral prints.  These are fabrics my mom had in her quilting stash.  So it was nice not to have to go out to buy fabrics for this project.


Quilting cotton backed with white terry cloth



I only had enough of the purple hearts and stars fabric for two bibs, so I used one of the yellow hearts and stars to fill out my hole. Three different babies — three bibs each.


While I was working on the bibs, my Singer Featherweight started acting up.  This is the same machine that I recently had serviced, so I was a little surprised to encounter a problem.  My foot controller was not working correctly.  The pedal you push with your feet was not going down very easily.  It felt like there was a blockage.  I looked at it but couldn’t see anything readily.  I consulted my sewing group on FB and then asked to join a vintage sewing machine group as well.  I found some great Singer Featherweight sites through the comments.  I ended up just opening the foot controller and looking around inside.  There was a little aluminum part that was sticking up that was in the way of the pedal lever.  It looked similar to the stitch finger on a serger.  I pushed it aside and my pedal moved up and down freely from that point on.

I have to say that even though that was a minor repair, I am pretty proud of myself for “fixing” my foot controller.  I love my Singer Featherweight!

I am anxious to work with my Style Arc patterns next.  I think I might start with a knit top first.  Wish me luck!

Happy sewing!

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  1. August 21, 2013

    The bibs will be so appreciated, great job on the repair and can’t wait to see your Style Arc garments. I have been looking at those the last few days, too many choices.

  2. August 22, 2013

    Adorable bibs and good for you on repairing your foot pedal.

  3. September 11, 2013

    Those bibs are so cute. Isn’t it great to have an easy-peasy project once in a while? Oh and congrats on troubleshooting the problem — and fixing it!

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