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Creative Urges

2011 October 31
by elizabeth_admin

Before you ask…  No, I didn’t finish the cashmere curse yet as I have been otherwise engaged.  You see, I bought a new couch recently (because the little boy who lives with me broke the old one — I’ll give you two hints as to how it was broken: the little boy is 4 yrs old and he’s a boy).  As soon as the awesome new couch was delivered I had a realization.  I needed to paint my living room to properly stage the couch.  This couch really deserved a room that could show it off in all its glory.  Really.

The little boy who lives with me declared that orange was the color I should paint the living room as it is his favorite color (since birth — is this stuff hardwired or what?).  At first, I shot that suggestion down, but then I started to warm up to the idea of it.  I mean, he’s right, orange and grey are a great combo together.  Paint chips were collected.  Tiny paint jars were bought and I swatched them on the wall and lived with them for a while.


I had a favorite right away.  Can you guess which one?  It’s not the blue.  At first I thought I would have a blue accent wall, but that was the wrong blue and then I canned that idea.

Give up?  I’ll give you hint.


It was the top left that I picked, Creamy Beige by Benjamin Moore.  I love it.  At first I thought it was a bit too sherbety when I started slathering it on the walls, but I love it in the early morning light.  At night it turns a touch salmony, but the night version is growing on me.   I just love how painted walls really make a room homey and together.  I put up with white walls far too long.  I have needed to make our apartment look more home-like and cohesive for the little boy who lives with me and painting the living room has gone a long way to making it more homey.  I hope he thinks so too.

So, how does this long story long about painting this past weekend have to do with the title of this post?  Well, painting the living room got me thinking about creativity and the many and various forms there are.  Creating a home for the people we love is definitely a form of creativity.  Think of the nesting phase most mothers-to-be go through in the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy.  Here’s a picture of me painting Jack’s nursery at 8 months pregnant (no lectures please about me standing on a ladder whilst preggers).



Lately I have been really missing my other creative outlet, mosaics.  If I had a third bedroom, I would make it the mosaics room.  Oh how I wish to fondle my tiles and glass again and wield the tile nipper once more.  Unfortunately, glass shards in my sheets are not exactly my cup of tea.

I have never considered myself an artist, having no drawing ability whatsoever.  What I do know about myself is that I have always had the urge to make things.  I am drawn to art and music.  I chose music because I could “do” it at an early age, but if I had had even an ounce of drawing capability, I think I would have chosen visual arts over music in a heartbeat.  Isn’t it funny how the grass is always greener?

Since mosaics is out for the time being (that is, until I have a third bedroom), I have been finding myself wistfully dreaming about painting.  Kathy of Spottedroo sews AND paints.  I am so jealous of her talents.  Check out her watercolors and oils!  I wish I had half her talent.

I constantly feel the need to create, don’t you?  Do you have multiple outlets for your creative energy?  Do you covet a talent you don’t have like me?

Who wants to teach me how to paint?

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  1. Lynn permalink
    October 31, 2011

    Love the color you picked! You *are* an artist. It doesn’t have to do with drawing and paint. It has to do with making the world more beautiful, I think.

    I went in to the commercial “art” field, but definitely don’t feel like an artist at times in front of my computer. I enjoy sewing and knitting and many creative projects – my garden, painting rooms, decorating cookies, even – it all scratches that itch to make something beautiful!

  2. annie permalink
    October 31, 2011

    I was positively convinced that I could not draw or paint. Don’t know what got into me but one summer about 10 years ago I took a drawing class from a young woman who taught drawing and painting in the local school system. What a revelation! She had me drawing my own hand AND a glass jar w/ some water in it. Changed my life.

  3. October 31, 2011

    yes! I have been feeling the tug of other artistic endeavors, too. I play violin. Although I have not really played it all since I met my husband- just got too busy. And lately I have felt a powerful urge to play again.
    Also, I have felt drawn to visual arts, like photography and graphic design.
    I guess it is part of the creative nature to have multiple interests.

  4. October 31, 2011

    Awww, thanks for the super-sweet shout out. I would totally love to teach you to paint— teaching art has been on my todo list for years now. What if I posted some simple exercises on my blog? There are also tons of great classes around. I’ve taken some great ones at community colleges.

    I don’t know that I feel the urge to be “creative” per se. I think if I look at anything long enough I get the urge to try my hand at it. I’ve been drawing since I was little and the urge to draw always comes in waves. I’ll go for a couple years when I simply can’t draw enough and then times when I can’t be bothered. I think it might be linked to learning. I draw like crazy when I think I might get better at it. I’m guessing the same will be true for sewing.

    I think I am super jealous of people with performing talent. I love music, but recitals always made my hands shake and my heart beat like crazy. Also I never had the patience to practice.

    It always puzzles me when people who make things describe themselves as not artistic. I’m not sure what else it means to be artistic besides making things. Personally I wish there were a less loaded term for someone who likes to paint and draw. I would call myself a drawer but I think people would get confused 🙂

    • elizabeth_admin permalink*
      November 1, 2011

      That would be amazing if you could teach how to paint through your blog. I would love that!

  5. November 1, 2011

    Me! Me! I’ll teach you! Because I was EXACTLY LIKE YOU … I never for a moment thought I could draw or paint, until only a few years ago. People had been telling me all my life that I was ‘creative’, but I thought that the only thing I could do was follow a pattern or tutorial, with perhaps my own little tweaks.

    And then I decided to start drawing every day. To look at something and try to draw it. I started with plants, which are very ‘forgiving’. And, surprise, surprise, if you do something every day you get better at it.

    Anyway Elizabeth this is a subject close to my heart so feel free to email me about it!!

    • elizabeth_admin permalink*
      November 1, 2011

      Hashi, I can’t believe you haven’t painted since you were a child judging from how beautiful your paintings are. I should have mentioned your artwork as well! Forgive me.

  6. November 1, 2011

    I definitely think you could learn to paint – how about all the people who say, “Oh, i could never sew or knit or (insert anything we do here)” – I always say, I just started, and stuck with it! That’s all there is to it. There isn’t some magical talent gene for most things, it’s just interest, focus and hard work. Sure it’s easier if you have a natural gift, but not necessary.

  7. Karen Mulkey permalink
    November 1, 2011

    I’ve never felt that I could draw but my mom tells me that’s not true as I can draw (create) with fabric. I also have a good singing voice which gives me joy as it’s an art that’s easy to share and give pleasure to others but don’t expect me to cook anyone a meal or to tend gardens! Singing and sewing are my passions that consume all my creative urges and they are enough but I would never discourage anyone from trying something new.

  8. November 2, 2011

    Yes and Yes and Yes. To all of that. As you know I write as well. (Some of the time.) I would love to see your paintings if you do any. I was thinking the other day about how it’s so nice to see a person exploring all kinds of art and making, even if they’re not expert in anything, or planning on becoming experts. It’s the way children play – they do what they feel like doing and do it with their entire selves. Right up until they get bored and go jump on the couch 😉

  9. November 7, 2011

    For me, the urge to create is constant. At least 5 days out of the week I am dabbling in one of many of my creative outlets. This past weekend I did glass painting, tedious, but enjoyable.

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