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Did she or didn’t she?

2011 February 16
by elizabeth_admin

*big sigh*

No, I did not have the requisite balls to wear the faux fur skirt to work, although I did finish the skirt last night.   Boy, you guys were really opinionated on whether I should wear it to work or not.  Very interesting. 

Note to self in case I make another faux fur skirt:  Remember to add seam allowances for the side opening.  My side opening with the hook and eye tape is not too invisible as the the faux fur edge is visible.  I added SA’s for the slit; should have done so for the opening.  Live and learn!

Also, my lining is too short.  How does this always happen?  My linings are always either too short or too long despite measuring.  What is the trick here people?!

I am very pleased with the my skirt despite the closure looking a little ragged.  I can hide that with a well placed cardigan.  It is such a pleasure to look at, wear and touch. 

The good news though, is that I am wearing it tonight to dinner with my friends.  I will be sure to post pictures later!

Bis später!

ETA: Someone left me a comment yesterday about the term “off the reservation” being possibly offensive.  In retrospect, I can definitely see that, but was not aware of it when I wrote it and certainly did not mean to be offensive at all.  My sincere apologies if anyone took offense.

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  1. February 16, 2011

    Do you guys have casual Fridays or something equivalent? Maybe you can wear it to work on a casual day, or dress it up with a formal blouse/blazer? It’s not like you’re wearing say, bicycle shorts to work…

  2. Marie-Christine permalink
    February 16, 2011

    Janice’s right about a casual Friday..
    Hook and eye tape? Can you supplement that with velcro? If anything, sew soft loops on either side of the closure, and then just use a width of the open hooks to keep the closure really closed, you don’t need to sew it anywhere at all.
    Your lining is too short/long because it doesn’t have the same degree of stretch as the fur backing. It’s not how you cut, it’s all in the stretch. Sigh. When you figure out the magic formula, let us all know, ok :-)?

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