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Dream Sewing Space

2013 February 16
by elizabeth_admin

I have had my sewing table since NYC and I now have a cutting table.  I am thinking of adding another folding banquet table and buying two more large cutting mats so I can have a wide cutting table for 60 inch wide fabrics.  That would awesome, wouldn’t it?

And that got me wondering what my ideal sewing space would be.  Here’s the outline I’ve come up with so far:

  • Separate room from my bedroom (It’s nice to be so close to my sewing, but it would be nice to shut the door on my mess, n’est ce pas?)
  • Lots of natural light (I have a dearth of natural light in my bedroom most of the day and then blinding light for one hour a day — I crave natural light)
  • hardwood floor (the shag (!) carpeting in my bedroom makes it very easy and painful for pins to hide and it’s really hard to find all the stray threads and scraps I throw wantonly all over the place)
  • A storage area inside the sewing room for the fabric stash (my fabric closet is out in the hallway)
  • It would be nice to get another sewing table so I can have two machines per table.  (my bed is taking up valuable real estate in my sewing room)
  • A clean up elf to put away my tools and clean up the sewing space every night. (this would be nice, wouldn’t it?)

What else should I consider adding to my ideal sewing space?  What am I forgetting?

If you want to see some sewing room porn, just type in dream sewing space into your preferred search engine.  Here’s one I found in my google images search.  Look at all that natural light!!!

Image from  Click picture for original post.

Click image for link to source. 


Have fun!

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  1. February 16, 2013

    I would love to have built in cabinetry and a “cutting island” in my dream space! Also a cushy upholstered chair or loveseat for hanging out.

  2. February 16, 2013

    Okay I think that sewing room is everyone’s dream space! I would wrestle you to the ground and tie you up, if it meant I could get to it before you…*LOL* I know what you mean about a sewing room though. I love my sewing cave. If I could figure out a way to get more natural light, I would be in heaven. Since it’s in the basement though, I’ve just gone with a lot of lighting to simulate natural…however, I wouldn’t trade this room for anything! I’m sure you will get a dedicated sewing room soon and treasure it as much as I do mine!

  3. Joy permalink
    February 16, 2013

    I hope you can find a way to have a separate room, especially with a wood
    floor. You and most probably wouldn’t go as far as I did, which is to make
    the bedroom my sewing/fabric haven and sleep on the sofa, but I’ve been
    doing it for years and wouldn’t have it any other way .. that special room is
    a NEED .. LOL.

    That pic you showed is a room I posted on Stitchers Guild when I found it. It’s a
    pure, delightful heaven, and her frugal tips are so fantastic and clever. If you didn’t
    get to see the whole gorgeous room, here it is:

    Good luck in planning your haven.


    • elizabeth_admin permalink*
      February 16, 2013

      Thanks for giving me original original source for that picture. I couldn’t find it through the first link. I will update to give appropriate credit. Thanks again!

  4. February 16, 2013

    Sewing space clean up house elf is a must! Or, at least house companions who don’t look at your cutting table and think clean flat surface = I can put my junk there. And, yes, a separate room where the mess can be shut away would be fantastic. As would a giant cutting table. Giant cutting table… *smile*

    I am sort of on the opposite side about the natural light though… I worry about fading and UV damage to my sewing supplies. As it is I have everything covered with old bedsheets and plastic shower curtains to protect it from sun, dust, etc. Living in a one-room apartment with a skylight gave me a healthy appreciation for the destructive power of the sun. I like having the option of natural light, but on the other hand I would rather have not enough of it than too much!

  5. February 17, 2013

    LOVE that sewing space photo! It’s so ME, yet I truly enjoy my space too. I’m also in the basement, like Carolyn, with 2 fairly high, small windows that do let in quite a bit of daylight. I’ve compensated by using daylight-spectrum bulbs in my overhead fixtures: 3 boxed 4′ fixtures, plus pointable spotlights over the sewing machine counters. When I had to remodel in the spring of 2010 after severe March flooding, I replaced my thick carpet with looped berber that I thought would be easier to keep clean. The threads vacuum up more easily, but the multicolors make pins completely disappear. I opted against wood or other hard surface because I drive my machines barefoot – which would have meant I’d have very cold feet all winter. Keep refining the space you have to use now – eventually, you’ll hit the optimum combination for the space you deserve!

  6. February 17, 2013

    MY cleaning elf would have to organize hubby’s tools, too, since they enable my table’s flat surface syndrome just as well as my sewing!

  7. February 17, 2013

    This post sent me on a long tour of We are building a house so I already spend a ridiculous amount of time on that site, but somehow I never thought of searching “sewing room”. How could I NOT have done that? Especially since I will have a sewing room* in the new house. I won’t be able to spruce the sewing room up for some time, but I enjoy looking at lovely rooms and developing my plan.

    * Sewing Room will also be the guest room, but we rarely have guests so they will just have to deal with an air mattress and all my stuff. I can’t wait!

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