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Fabric Depot Cache

2009 July 7
by elizabeth_admin

Way back in May, Liana inspired me to buy the value pack of stretch lace available at Fabric Depot.  It’s 4 lbs of assorted laces in different colors, widths, etc.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, 4 lbs of lace is a lot of lace!  Liana and Sigrid have been making their own lingerie for awhile now; Sigrid even has some great tutorials up too.  When Dawn jumped on the bandwagon, I started getting the itch to make my own too (because my skillz  are so impressive — NOT!). 

Without further ado,  my new stretch lace stash…  Warning:  this will be a rare post with little text and lots of pictures.  lol!

FD 4 lb stretch lace 1

Medium width lace

FD 4 lb stretch lace 2

Skinny width lace

FD 3 lb stretch lace 3
Wide lace
FD 4 lb stretch lace 4

Medium and wide lace

small strips of lace edges
Scalloped Lace
Above is one of my favorites, the scalloped Lace. 
Another fave is the border lace below.
Pretty border lace

Pretty border lace

Mottled Lace

Mottled Lace

I also bought some patterns and a bra kit.  So I’ll be all set to go when I want to start making lingerie.  Which, by the way, won’t be too soon as I have a lot of projects I want to do before that.
Happy sewing!
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  1. July 7, 2009

    i think your favorite is my favorite too. 😉 so i take it i shouldn’t tip you off to the good places in NYC to add to your stretch lace stash?? 😀

    once you do start sewing with it, i really like the jalie patterns…. and they have kid sizes in the patterns, which is nice.

    • eword10 permalink
      July 8, 2009

      Ooh thanks for the Jalie tip! And I think I have enough lace to last me into the next cold age. So please don’t tell me, lest I be sore tempted. 😉

  2. July 7, 2009

    Love your lace stash. So pretty.

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