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Feeling smug

2011 April 21
by elizabeth_admin


Last night I was all set to do a sewing marathon with M6069.  I had secretly hoped to belie my words of yesterday and actually start and finish the dress in one evening.  I had started pinning the pattern pieces to my fabric when I remembered to check the length measurement of the bodice.  I had already flat pattern measured the widths to be sure that I had picked the right size and ease, but for some reason, had neglected to do so for the length.  As I have discovered with other patterns in the past, I usually need to increase the bodice length about 1.5 to 2 inches on most patterns due to being long-waisted. 

Sure enough, I needed to add 2 inches to the front and back bodices to get the waist point to match my actual waist.  Good catch Elizabeth!  *pats self on back*  Then I thought I should check the skirt length.  It was 21 inches from the waist without the hem.  21 inches down from my waist would fall above the knee on me, so with the hem taken up, this dress would fall mid-thigh.  Not attractive on me!  So I added a couple of inches on the length of the front and back skirt pieces.

I managed to cut every piece out (excluding the pockets) and mark all the markings last night, so I should be good to go to sew it up tonight.  Looks pretty easy — I just might have a new dress for Easter!

Oh one more note:  I switched out the back pattern piece for the front of view C (the square neck – see picture below) as suggested by Kyle and Trena.  I wanted a more work appropriate back.  No WAFBS for me!   😉  


Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. April 21, 2011

    That pattern keeps slipping through my fingers everything I go into Joanns. Looking forward to your version.

  2. Ann_B permalink
    April 21, 2011

    Great idea to swap out the square neck back for the drape. The back cowl is the only reason I have not purchased this pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing your new dress.

  3. April 21, 2011

    Go you! Just read both posts in a row and totally want to make one for myself now. It looks like a great ‘throw it on’ summer dress, though my feelings of wanting one right this second might be influenced by the crazy gorgeous weather London has right now.

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