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2009 February 26
by elizabeth_admin

FOZ or Fear of Zippers has gripped me, my friends.  All I have left to do on my niece’s halter top, is to sew on a little 8-inch invisible zipper.  How can that be what’s keeping me from finishing this now late birthday present?  How can I be brought to my knees by a small thing like that? 

Easy.  A zipper can make or break this piece.  

To be honest, there’s one other aspect that’s holding me back.  I can’t recall if my humble Singer (and n0 I don’t know the model number off hand) has a zipper foot or a piping foot.  Most likely it’s a zipper foot which can pinch hit as a piping foot, but it most definitely is NOT an invisible zipper foot.  So last week, when I was purchasing the fear inducing zipper, I picked up a doodad.  That’s an Elizabethism for doohickey.  Apparently, I am the only person on this planet that says doodad, but I swear I heard it from someone else before.  Anyway… I bought this doodad that fits most sewing machines and becomes (from the two pieces) an invisible zipper foot.  Seriously.  Here’s a pic and the link (just scroll all the way down). zipperfootattachment

Has anyone used this before?  Is it a piece of junk?  Let me know please before I ruin my first garment!!! 

Hopefully, putting in this zipper will be just as easy peasy as the pintucks were.  Although I have to say my FOP (Fear of Pintucks) isn’t nearly as paralytic as FOZ. 

Wish me luck and happy sewing!

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  1. mrscjallen permalink
    February 26, 2009

    good luck with the zipper…the one and only I ever tackled didn’t come out looking so good, but I was really, really new to sewing…so new I didn’t know there was such thing as a zipper foot. So I am sure that you’ll do great!
    Hopefully that doodad will make it easy peasy!

    BTW, you’re not the only one that says doodad…it’s a common part of my vocab…along with doohickey, thingamajig & whatchmacallit. I am sooo technical.

    • eword10 permalink
      March 1, 2009

      Still haven’t tackled it yet, but it’s mostly because my Mom is in town and we have a family bday this weekend. Maybe tonight?…

  2. DeDe permalink
    February 27, 2009

    Zippers arent as bad as you think. As the saying goes Practice makes perfect. I do not know anything about the doodad (btw I have heard the phrase many times before, maybe I am showing my age) you purchased. My machine came with a zipper foot, perhaps you should play around with that first on scrap fabric of course. Take it slow but once you get started I am sure you wont let it defeat you.

  3. Leslie permalink
    March 11, 2009

    I have that YKK zipper foot, as well as the coats one. I think it works best with YKK zippers, the channel that the zipper teeth go through is sized just for the YKK invisibles. The coats zippers have smaller teeth (another reason I think YKK invisibles are better quality). It works really well though, good luck!

    • eword10 permalink
      March 12, 2009

      I didn’t know that the YKK zipper foot was for a particular zipper! Good to know. I actually don’t know what kind of zipper I used in the top as it was not labeled when I bought it out of a bin. Thanks!

  4. September 30, 2010

    thanks for the laughs this morning. first one into work and had an upset stomach to start my day too! lovely not! I enjoy your current blogs so much and decided to read your blog from the beginning b/c you’re a really good teacher, as well as entertaining. I laughed out loud – thanks man!

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