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How to heal a broken heart – Part III

2012 April 27
by elizabeth_admin

Continuing on my series on how to heal a broken heart (Part I here and Part II here)…  What is a sewist to do when her heart has been broken?  Here’s a primer for you.

For Part III of the Man Forgetting Tour of 2012  we’re back in San Diego.  I have to admit that no sewing has happened as my mom’s machine needs servicing.  🙁   But the good news is I bought some oil pastels!!!

6.  Make some art or have fun attempting to!  I have had this painting on my mind for a couple of weeks now ever since I saw it on Design Sponge Sneak Peeks.  I loved everything about it: the cool tones, the Von Goghian blues and greens, and the geometric pattern.  I have been dying to attempt to copy it ever since.  Today I went looking for Cray-Pas (oil pastels).  Luckily enough, there was a Blick Art Store near my parent’s condo.  This afternoon Jack and I experimented with our oil pastels.  Here’s what we finished in an afternoon.

Jack and Mommy walking at sunset


Jack and Mommy walking during the day



It was so fun figuring out how to mix the colors, and which colors to lay down first.  Oil pastels are a very forgiving medium I noted.  I must admit that I am quite pleased with this little practice piece.  It isn’t an exact replica, but it’s recognizable.  It has all the elements that I love of the original: the colors, shapes and geometric feel.  Jack had fun too.  He’s just started to do figurative drawing.  I think it’s so cute.  He also drew a picture of himself holding my iPhone playing games.

I spent a whole day forgetting, rather successfully I might add.  I am well on my way to healing my heart and finding my center again.  My center is and always has been about being creative, making things.  I have to remember that.  Always.  The way to myself and my equilibrium will always be creativity.  No matter who distracts me.

Now who was I talking about?  I forget.

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  1. April 27, 2012

    How fun! I loved using oil pastels when I did art in high school – one of my favorite mediums because it was so great for blending colors.

    And, yes, being creative is definitely helpful when one is feeling low. Actually, I didn’t start sewing hard core until I had my first round of broken heart syndrom. I had sewn costumes and frivolous things before that, but after I felt a constant need to make beautiful things and started sewing “normal” clothes. That feeling continues to persist. But being creative helps, a lot.

  2. April 27, 2012

    “Do not be troubled for a language, cultivate your soul and she will show herself.”
    ~Eugene Delacroix

    I’m so glad that your creative soul is helping to heal your heart.

  3. April 27, 2012

    How fun! Great job mixing colors. I’m so glad you are getting to play with art.

  4. April 27, 2012

    “My center is and always has been about being creative, making things. I have to remember that. Always. The way to myself and my equilibrium will always be creativity. No matter who distracts me.”

    After two months not sewing and then two days in the studio – I can so relate. I’m debating recording the sound of the sewing machine for down days or when I’m a little old lady misbehaving in the old folks home.

  5. April 27, 2012

    Have just caught up with you and your tour. I have one thing to say: the dude must have rocks in his head.

  6. April 27, 2012

    We share the this secret weapon against all forces of evil: creativity.

    LOVE the art.

  7. April 27, 2012

    Way to go, Elizabeth!!! I love oil pastels too. They are also great to mix with colored pencils. Keep your creative spirit alive and it will knock away all the negative and hurt. Lots of love.

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