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Impromptu Meet Up

2013 January 7
by elizabeth_admin

This weekend I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting up with one of my NYC sewing peeps, Clio of Clio and Phineas and T. Sedai of SewSkateRead.  I’ve met Clio several times in New York, but this was my first time meeting T. Sedai in person, although I have followed her blog for a while.  Clio was in town for business but had set aside a day for fabric shopping in San Diego.  T. Sedai suggested going to the largest Yardage Town in the San Diego metro area (in National City) and I suggested we check out the National City Swap Meet since we were in that area.  I had heard about it from other sewists in town and from Dawn’s blog when she was on vacation here a while back.  We started at the swap meet, which was quite a sight.  It’s a dedicated lot for the meet.  They have vendors of all kinds on both weekend days.  You pay a 50 cent entrance fee and I believe you could have a space to sell your own things for about $5 or $6 dollars.  There were plenty of garage sale like spaces throughout the “venue”.  It took us a bit of wandering to find the fabric sellers.  Most of the fabric were cut pieces, but a few of the vendors/jobbers were selling by the bolt as well, and there were some notions to be had too.






Me, T. Sedai, and Clio in a very badly taken “selves” portrait with my iPhone


I found some knits that I scooped up, but I think T.Sedai had the major score with some Missoni knits for only $1/yard.  I wish I had bought some of that too.

L-R: red slub knit (3.5 yds), metallic coating knit (1 yd), striped double knit (1 yd), and purple heathered knit (3 yds)

L-R: red slub knit (3.5 yds), metallic coating knit (1 yd), striped double knit (1 yd), and purple heathered knit (3 yds)


Then we took off for Yardage Town nearby.  The National City store is the main one of this small chain.  It’s huge and it has a sewing machine section off to the side that is filled to the brim with sewing machines of all kinds.  The proprietor of this section, a charming man from Amsterdam, Mr. Henk Harrebomee, was delightful.  I asked he had any Singer 301’s and he said I was looking for gold.  He did have a Singer 501, one of the slant machines, that had just been traded in.  He said he needed to work on it before he would sell it.  Very cool.  I asked him what brand he thought was the best in his opinion and he replied without hesitation, Janome.  He confirmed my personal opinion that Husqvarnas are POS’s (and I’m not talking point of sale here people).  I think I will take my machines there to be serviced when I need to next.  They seemed very capable.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of all his sewing machines.  I will next time I’m there.  None of us bought any fabric at Yardage town.  You can’t beat the $1-2/yard prices of the swap meet I guess.



In other sewing news, I have decided to give away my first two versions of the Burda Batwing top, the teal and the red slub ones.  Now that I have the new and improved version that I made New Year’s Eve, the black burnout knit one, I don’t think I will ever wear the other two again.  They’re too short on me and when I raise my arms, I expose my extremely soft and pudgy underbelly.  Not a great look I assure you.  So I am going to make another one today and then muslin (finally) that Vogue/Rachel Comey skirt (V1247) that Carolyn makes all the time.  I love every single version of hers.  🙂

Happy sewing in the New Year my friends.  May you have tons of sewing mojo and lots of time to enjoy it!

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  1. January 7, 2013

    It was super fun to meet you! I will let you know if I am going to be in San Diego again – plenty of other Yardage Towns to visit. If you are ever up in the Orange County area, let me know!

  2. January 7, 2013

    What fun to see you in your new town! I can’t wait to see if you buy that Singer. It looked awesome!

  3. January 7, 2013

    Glad you had such a good time! Nice pieces purchased at the Swap Meet and yeah Janome!!!

  4. January 8, 2013

    Am I permitted to hate all three of you because you all look great in a candid photo when I have to take 20+ posed photos to even look vaguely human 🙂

  5. January 9, 2013

    Hooly dooly. What a great day. Now that’s a swap meet.

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