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On fire, literally

2014 May 17
by elizabeth_admin

I don’t know if you heard, what with the Solange Knowles/Jay Z debacle in the news, but the wildfires are already raging here in SoCal.  The first fire in our area was a mile away from my house.  We were evacuated on Tuesday but were allowed back into town on Wednesday.  I was supposed to teach Lego Robotics on Tuesday, but as we could see this view from the school yard, the school cancelled all activities.



And this view from behind our school.



Jack’s teacher’s house was 10 feet from the San Marcos fire.  10 FEET.  She’s still evacuated as there are still hotspots in that fire.  School was cancelled on Thursday and Friday due to evacuations.  It’s been pretty surreal seeing all the plumes of smoke from the 9 fires.

When I evacuated, I made sure to bring all my important papers, Jack’s baby photos, my jewelry, and most importantly, my sewing machines.  It’s important to keep your priorities straight when evacuating.  I just bought that Baby Lock serger.  There was no way I was leaving it behind.  No. Way.

Obviously, there has been no sewing whatsoever going on in these parts.  Although the fabric for my Mom’s Mother’s Day maxi dress just arrived, so I might put my sewing room back together today and start working on it.  I am kind of jonesing for a sewing fix.

Anyway, stay safe wherever you are and remember to keep your sewing machines safe.  Priorities people.  Priorities!

PS: Did you see AnaJan’s post about the flooding in Europe?

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  1. May 17, 2014

    Good grief — stay safe!

  2. May 17, 2014

    Stay safe.

    We live in Irvine and woke up this morning with ash on our cars and horrible air quality. My family in San Marcos (San Elijo Hills) were evacuated too.

    I hope it rains….

  3. May 17, 2014

    I’m glad that you and yours are safe. Of course you’d bring your babies with you when evacuating.

    As an earth scientist who has worked on wildfire issues at the urban/wild land interface, I’m afraid that evacuation will be a common occurrence in your area.

    We’re heading into the dry phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (for the next 20-30 years). At the same time that southern California is getting drier, global warming makes us warmer overall. Fire season is expanding and may be year-round in certain areas and certain years (like the past 1.5 years–La Nina phase of ENSO–in SoCal.)

  4. May 17, 2014

    So glad to hear you’re okay! And of course, you are right the sewing machine and serger MUST go with the important papers and pictures!

  5. May 17, 2014

    Priorities are important! And, yeah, fire season has hit early this year. And hard. We are getting the smoke from the fires up here pretty bad – so smoky and hazy outside. I hope you and your family stay safe!

  6. May 17, 2014

    oh no! I hope the house & school come through safely!
    I am all about the sewing machine protection; when we moved to Virginia I insisted that my machine was going to be moved personally by me in my own car. priorities.

  7. May 17, 2014

    Stay strong during these dislocating times!

    I am often preparing to evacuate for wild weather, but have not had to do so. Top of my list to take are all the handmade quilts in our house…irreplaceable, and likely to be of great comfort if we find ourselves in an evacuation centre.

  8. May 17, 2014

    Stay safe!!

  9. May 17, 2014!!! I didn’t know. Thank God you are safe – you and Jack and BabyLock and SM. Stay safe.

  10. May 18, 2014

    I’m glad both of you are okay. My husband was just down there for business (but returned early due to the evacuations) and sent some photos to me. Stay safe.

  11. May 18, 2014

    Lord, that’s crazy. Be safe!

  12. May 21, 2014

    Wow. I had heard about those wildfires on the news but I had no idea they were right where you are…
    I’m glad you are your loved ones are safe.

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