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Rules, who needs ’em!

2011 April 8
by elizabeth_admin

You wanna see Jack’s curtains? 


Well, you’ll have to wait a while, because I haven’t started them.  It turns out moving really tires you out.  I have been pooped all week after work so I couldn’t get enough energy to start working in my most excellent and new sewing space.  

Also, I have been thinking of a work-around for my “problem”.  What problem you ask?  As my mother and some other commenters pointed out (some more vociferously than others), I chose the “wrong” fabric for my curtain project.  If you will recall I am using the same fabric as I bought for my son’s bedding, knit jersey sheets.  Ordinarily, I would agree with the dissenters, that a knit is not the optimal fabric for a curtain.  However, the colors of Jack’s sheets are unusual and would be hard to match, so I just bought more of the sheets to make his curtains. 

I am already using a woven (of sorts) for the backing of this curtain, so I have a built-in solution to my potentially droopy curtains: quilting.  I can use contrasting thread to quilt the knit to the woven backing and contain the droopage.  Originally, when I first thought of quilting the curtains, I deemed it as just decorative, but now I think it will counteract my “problem”. 

So now I am wondering if any of you have ever used the “wrong” fabric for any projects.  How did you deal with the “problem” and how did they turn out?  Do tell!!!


I bet you’re wondering what design I picked for the curtains.  The overwhelming favorite among the commenters and the other friends and family I polled off line was the third one.  It was my favorite from the start once my mom had mentioned adding a contrasting color. 

So I will leave you with the picture once again. 


Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. April 8, 2011

    Hello. Moving is exhausting. I made a knit skirt with a woven underlining. It worked until I washed it. The knit grew but not the woven. Maybe quilting would help? Also, there was a lot of Lycra in my knit. At least, You don’t have to wash curtains as much as a skirt! Good luck!

  2. April 8, 2011

    well, I have made things using the wrong fabric, and… {I say this in a spirit of friendship & support} I learned not to do that again 🙂

    I can understand when a certain color is very important.
    And I can understand making your child’s bedroom cute being a TOP PRIORITY.
    And I can understand the desire to just make it work, #$%& !!
    But … if you can use something other than a knit, I think you’ll be happier with the end result.
    TGIF – hope you get some much needed rest this weekend!

  3. April 8, 2011

    Great creative solution! Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    Just recently, I picked the TOTALLY wrong fabric for the “Take Manhattan” top from the “Twinkle Sews” book. I picked a woven when the original was a knit. It turned out FABULOUSLY…until I got to the cowl neckline. No draping, hunh-uh, no how. It’s currently awaiting it’s fate in the “potentially out pile”. It wasn’t quite the look I was going for. (DAMMIT.)

  4. April 8, 2011

    I agree, break fabric rules, as long as you have a plan. I think if you are backing the jersey with a woven, should work out pretty well on the curtains. Maybe if you use some sort of fuse-able something to stick them together it might work better, because it might prevent gravity from having it’s way with the jersey, if you know what I mean.

    I like to break fabric rules. I have often used non-stretch lace on skating costumes (I know, I know, heresy!). The trick is being strategic about it. Obviously, you can’t use a non-stretch on the whole costume, cuz then the skater can’t move or even get the thing on. But if you use it as a strategic part of the design – awesome. It usually requires more work to break the rules, but the results can be really good if you have some idea of why the rules are the rules, and how you can get around them.

  5. Jean S permalink
    April 8, 2011

    Those are very Univ. of Florida colors….

    Good idea to use a woven. You also may need to block fuse the knit for even more stability.

  6. Becky permalink
    April 9, 2011

    I would block fuse the knit with a woven interfacing. That will do it without quilting, which sounds like a lot of work with great potential for puckers as the knit stretches under the presser foot. Good Luck, hope what ever you choose turns out really well.

  7. donnamel permalink
    April 9, 2011

    I say go for it. You already have the perfect color match.

    The knit is going to stretch as it hangs, and the lining will not. A lining is a good idea – for added body and to reduce fading, if the sun hits that window. I would only attach the 2 layers at the top, leave the sides and hem unattached. Make the lining a bit shorter and narrower, so it doesn’t show. I wouldn’t even hem the knit…in case they need to be shortened are a while.

  8. SewHappyJan permalink
    April 10, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your highs and lows in seeking out the perfect sewing experience. And I know these curtains are important, especially the colour match, but I have learnt over the years that sometimes rules are there for a reason 🙂 Knit for a curtain may work (Im with your Mum though on this one 😉 )and Im sure you will give it an extra shot to prove to us who have gone mmm knit for curtains….noooo hahahha. My suggestion would be to use another colour that could be introduced into the room and the knit used as an applique theme in some way on some window friendly fabric maybe, cushions or floor cube perhaps, to tie it all together. Thats just my five cents worth hahahahaah No doubt we will be blown away by the finished curtains no matter what you choose as you are extremely talented and creative. 🙂

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