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2016 May 26
by elizabeth_admin

Whoa.  Am I rusty. Really rusty.  I mean really really rusty.

Besides those couple of knit raglan dresses a few months ago, I haven’t really sewn for myself in almost a year.  Maybe more than that.   I don’t know and I don’t want to know.  My wardrobe looks sorry and bedraggled, but I’m too cheap to go buy anything when I know I can sew.    I can sew still, right?  So it was high time I added some more clothes to the rotation.

Unfortunately, in the past year I have, ahem, rounded out a bit.  So I knew I would have to make larger clothes.  Slightly larger, but larger nonetheless.  Also, I wanted a lot of bang for my buck.  I wanted a top that was on the dressier side and in a fabric that had some drape.  I had drafted a top a year or so ago based on my Cal Patch knit t-shirt draft.  It has cut on cap sleeves, and an elasticized waist.  In order to get the blouson effect I was going for, I had to pivot out the armhole from the shoulder seam about at inch at the bust and then straighten out the side seam down to the hem.  That added the ease for a woven fabric and enough blousy-ness for the blouson look.  BUT….

But I had completely forgotten how I had made that top over a year ago.  I had vague recollections, but nothing concrete.  I couldn’t remember any of the drafting or altering techniques I have learned over the years.  [Insert whiny violins here]  So what did I do?  Why I called on Sherril and all my sewing friends for help, of course.

In the course of making this new top, I had a cutting error for which I had to adjust.  I forgot to add the cut on sleeves, so I had to add sleeves.  This had the unfortunate side effect of removing some of the ease I had added, and the sleeves are a bit snug.  But let’s just call that a design feature, shall we?

Next, I needed new linen pants.  My old ones were, putting it delicately, a bit obscene in their tightness.  And these are wide leg pants my friends.  Wide leg pants.  Needless to say, I needed to add some “ease” at the side seams.  But not only can I pull my pants on now, but I can also walk in public without people pointing and staring.  I consider that a plus!  Oh, forgot to mention the pattern is Vogue 8584.  I first made these in 2011 and I still love this pattern.  It’s super fast and easy to make if you leave off the pockets and cords, which I always do.  Of course I know want to make view C in a silk fabric now.  Hmmmm….



And so, without further ado, my new outfit…



The sheer top fabric is from the National City Swap Meet in San Diego.  Can’t remember when I bought it though.  The black linen is a linen/rayon blend from Joann’s.  I didn’t have any black linen in the stash and I really wanted black linen pants, so I went out and bought some.  Now that I’m in a new neighborhood, Joann’s is the closest store to me.  Sigh.  But actually, the Joann’s in Poway is pretty good and, since I buy most of the sewing class supplies and fabrics there, all the gals there know me.  Oh the linen was on sale for $6/yard.  So not bad.  $15 pants people.  $15!

Anyhoo, what am I going to make next?  No clue.  I’ve filled an immediate gap.  That might satisfy right now.  Maybe another tank dress, maybe another linen pant.  We’ll see.  I do have a lot planning for my sewing camp in June to do.  I have to come up with at least four new projects.  Especially if the same kids show up for every class.  How many tote bags can one person need???


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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    May 26, 2016

    What a cute outfit! I’m sure it feels good to get back in the saddle with sewing. I’m trying to find my sewing mojo now. Have had 4 pieces of uncut linen laid out on the cutting table for a month and 3 cut out ready to sew.

    Four years ago I made some capri length pants like the ones shown on your pattern out of the natural mix mid-weigh linen from I literally wear and wash them once or twice a week and throw them in the dryer, which isn’t great for linen. The un-dyed naturals don’t fade, so they’ll be worn until I get holes. I can cut out a pair of wide leg capris with a separate waistband from 2 yards of fabric, using a pattern without side seams like the Valencia from Sewing Workshop or Cutting Line Design. I can whip out a pair in a couple of hours when I put my mind to it.

    Good luck with your next project!

  2. May 26, 2016

    Nice summer outfit and so nice to see you!

  3. May 26, 2016

    wonderful! I’m with you on the pants pattern – I use V8584 for capris, pants, PJ bottoms – it’s great! Your outfit looks super on you.

  4. May 27, 2016

    Did we go together? I bought some linen fabric on one of our trips, but don’t have black. Fail on my part. Well done!

  5. May 29, 2016

    That’s a great summer outfit, well done!

  6. June 16, 2016

    Great outfit and it looks so comfortable.

  7. June 25, 2016

    This looks great! I totally know how you feel – I’ve been sewing, but for others, so my wardrobe is quite bedraggled and needing of an update. Your top and pants look perfect for summer. Hopefully you will share more sewing with us soon!

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