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Super Secret Surprise

2013 February 9
by elizabeth_admin

So I’ve started working on someone’s birthday present.  It’s a super secret project (not so much of a surprise since the person knows her own birthday is coming, thank you very much.  But Super Secret Surprise (SSS) had alliteration going for it.)  Without going into any detail which might reveal anything about the SSS, there will be much hand wringing and worry until this project sees completion.  There will be loads of tracing paper sacrificed to birth of this SSS.  Loads.  And secrecy is needed.

So signs were made by the little boy who lives with me, one for me and one for him.


“Keep out! Super Secret Project!”


I won’t be able to post any in progress posts as the recipient reads this blog.  But rest assured, there will be one humdinger of a post when the SSS is finished.  Wish me luck, I am traveling down the sewing road less (read never in this case) traveled.  I will need lots of good mojo and mad sewing skills.

Happy sewing!


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  1. February 9, 2013

    Oh – Best of Luck to you. Those roads less (or never) travelled can be very, very scawy!! g

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