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Valentines from Jack

2012 February 10
by elizabeth_admin

Thanks for the enabling comments on my last post about my fabric strategeries (or flagrant against-the-rules buying habits).  It was interesting to hear everyone’s delusional rationalizations, I mean thoughts on the matter.  Haha.

But back to crafting…  Last night I realized I needed to get a jump on Valentines Day.  All of you who have school-aged children are probably scrambling to find the last box of valentines cards at the store to address to all their classmates next week, or you are, like me, crazily making them from scratch for your beloved child to “decorate”. 

Yep, that was me last night, at 11pm, realizing that I needed to make Jack’s valentines so he could decorate them after school today.  I was just gonna glue some hearts on rectangles and be done with it but then I got all fancy and sewed them on.  Fortunately, these are really simple to make, and fast!  I was in bed by 12:30am.  I probably would have been in bed sooner if I hadn’t futzed around for a while.

Here’s the how to (I won’t glorify it by calling it a tutorial).  There aren’t any in progress pictures as I was trying to just get them done so I could go to bed.  You can make these with whatever materials you have on hand, construction paper, wrapping paper, etc.  I used felt since I have a supply of it back from when I thought I would be a crafty mama and would do all sorts of appliqué and embroidery projects.  NOT!

  1. Using pinking shears, cut out desired shapes.  I cut out hearts in various sizes and colors and then cut out rectangles for backings in contrasting colors.
  2. For this next step, you can either glue the hearts to the rectangles or you pin the hearts to the rectangles in preparation to stitch them down in coordinating or contrasting thread.
  3. Write the name of the receiver and the giver.  I tested out different markers on the felt and Sharpies worked the best.
  4. Now they’re ready for your kid to decorate with more felt/paper/glitter/etc. 

Mine are all ready for Jack to decorate. 




Happy crafting!

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  1. February 10, 2012

    Oooh, those are super cute!

  2. February 10, 2012

    I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but when I click through from Google Reader to new posts on your site my anti-virus is popping up telling me it has blocked a threat. This happened both yesterday, and just now when I clicked on this post. I have no idea how, or if, a virus can somehow embed itself in a blog, but I wanted to let you know. My netbook picked up a virus sometime last week while I was reading blogs and at the time I had no way of knowing where it came from, but I’m fairly sure that this was one of the blogs I had read at the time.

    • elizabeth_admin permalink*
      February 10, 2012

      Thanks for letting me know. A couple of other people have had this problem too. I have reloaded the wordpress software and this should take care of it. Please clear your cache and try SEWN again. If you get another warning, please let me know.

      Thank you so much!

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