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FIVE Smart Locks You Should Definitely Check Out Right Now!

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It is said that no lock is truly unpickable, we can only make it harder. So how do you protect your home and belongings, without going through the hassle of 10 deadbolts for one door? Fortunately, smart locks are the answer. Here are 5 smart locks that provide you safety, security and sleek style.

August Smart Locks


August is one of the first companies to provide smart locking options. The lock, which fits easily over existing deadbolts, can be connected to the August App and controlled via smartphones. Users can seamlessly lock and unlock doors without the hassle of keys from anywhere in the world. The lock can be set to recognize authorized users and unlock as they approach, as well as keep a track of all visitors. It can even issue virtual keys to people who may need access to the house at certain times. Locksmith Toronto can be contacted and they’ll install the lock in your home entrances. Virtual keys may be valid for a few hours, days or even for a specific time, as required, thus eliminating the need for your physical presence when inviting in friends or employees. It costs $299.99 with an additional $79.99 for August Connect.

Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock


Like the August lock, Kevo also works via Bluetooth and syncs with your phone. However, it does not automatically unlock when you approach, waiting instead, for a touch. It can sense whether the phone is inside or outside the house so that it can prevent someone else touching the lock and entering your house. Kevo comes with a fob which can also be used in lieu of a smart device, in case it is impractical to carry it. It costs $199.99 for indoor, outdoor locks, two keys, and a fob.

Haven Lock


Unlike the previous locks, Haven does not work with existing deadbolts. Instead, it can be installed at the base of your door. This unique mechanism prevents someone from picking your lock, or even kicking in your door, by protecting the base and allowing the door to not move. Thus, Haven provides security as well as functionality. This lock also works by syncing with your smart device and allowing you to unlock it via its app or by using a key fob. It costs $249.99 for the base lock and the fob.

Yale Assure Lock SL Touchscreen Deadbolt


A veteran in the field of smart locks, Yale released its latest model, the Assure SL, which features a touchscreen where you can use a code to enter your home. Yale locks can be synced up with larger home platforms like Wink. Battery operated, this kind of lock has the potential problem of locking you out in case it dies while no one is at home, but to safeguard this, the Assure SL has a slot at the bottom where you can touch a 9V battery to give it enough power to let you through the door. This lock costs $169 with an optional $50 for the network module.

Latch M-Series Smart Lock

Produced by a New York-based start-up, the Latch M-Series has been quietly making waves in the locking industry. Primarily designed for businesses, the lack allows users to open it using a key code, an NFC equipped card, as well as, a Bluetooth connected companion app, in addition to the traditional keys. Furthermore, the lock comes equipped with a wide-angle camera that snaps a picture of anyone who tries to open it. The purpose of the M-series is to provide easier access for employees, customers, and tenants to buildings, and as such, isn’t directly available for retail. The lock can be bought 10 at a time at $399 each.

Smart locks are one of the best things we’ve witnessed which were born out of technological advancements. They are robust, secure, flexible and whatnot! Why don’t you try one of the locks listed above and bid adieu to the clingy era of keys? The future is now!

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