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6 Ways To Help You Discover Your Sex Drive Back

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Unlike with men, it’s more difficult for a woman to stay aroused due to their non-linear sexual response cycle. Some factors can cause a low libido including underlying relationship issues, stress, alcohol and drug use, prescription medication, too much exercise, or shifting hormones. Your doctor may perform a pelvic exam and will ask you questions about your sexual and medical history.

During the exam, they can check for signs of vaginal dryness, pain-triggering spots, and other physical changes contributing to low sex drive. Blood tests to check for high cholesterol, hormone levels, liver disorders, and thyroid problems will also be done if necessary. Treatment may include sex education, medication, counseling, and hormone therapy. If you’re suffering from a low sex drive, you’re not alone. Here are six ways that will help recharge your sex drive.

1. Limit Your Screen Time

Whether you’re checking your emails, scrolling through social media, or watching your favorite television show, late-night screen time affects your libido by disrupting your sleep cycle. Electronic activity speeds up the brain when it’s time for it to be winding down. The glow from the screens delays the release of melatonin in the brain which is a sleep-inducing hormone. When one loses sleep, it creates an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine that can interfere with sexual function. Doctor’s recommend getting at least eight hours of sleep and avoid the use of electronics 30 minutes before bed.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Research has shown that both men and women who exercise regularly have stronger sex drives. Aerobic exercise and strength training can increase your stamina, boost your mood, improve your body image and boost your libido. Being unfit can deter people from wanting to have sex while good health can keep you pleasure focused.

3. Check Your Medications

Check Your Medications

Several prescription medications used to treat seizures, anxiety, depression, heart conditions, and birth control are linked to sexual dysfunction. If you’ve noticed a loss of sexual desire after beginning a new drug, your medication could be the source of your low libido. Your doctor may lower your dosage or change your medications altogether.

4. Watch For Symptoms Of Mental Health

Watch For Symptoms Of Mental Health

Not only will anxiety and depression medications lower your sex drive, but the actual conditions themselves will. Most people who are depressed don’t feel the desire to have sex or may feel anxious. Speak with your physician if you are having feelings of hopelessness, decreased energy, or difficulty concentrating alongside arousal difficulties.

5. Spice Things Up

Spice Things Up

Changing things up in the bedroom could do wonders for the libido. Small changes such as wearing lingerie, changing positions, or having sex in a different one can make a difference. If you and your hot companions are experiencing added stress, consider a weekend getaway or a vacation day away from work.

6. Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

As women age, the declining levels of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen that accompany menopause can dramatically affect a woman’s libido. Hormone therapy is an option you can discuss with your doctor and has helped many women. Estrogen can be taken in many forms including sprays, gels, pills, creams, and patches.

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