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7 Clear Signs That The Girl is Interested in You

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She Stares at You

It would be infinitely easier if you could just send a “do you like me? Yes or No” note to find out whether your crush is interested. While that may have worked in grade school, the in0between process of starting to date someone is always a confusing time– particularly because you never know what the woman is thinking.

Is She Into You?

Women reveal their feelings differently than you might think. Instead of relying on what your friends say or what you think might be going on in their head, it’s time to learn the truth about figuring out a woman’s feelings. Read on for seven ways to tell if she’s interested in you.

1. She Always Finds Time to Talk to You

She Always Finds Time to Talk to You

If you find that she’s always unavailable or can never find the time to talk to you, it’s likely she isn’t just busy. When a woman is interested in you, she makes the time whenever she can to talk with you. Even if it’s only for an hour each day, if she sets aside time in her life for you, she’s interested.

2. She Reaches out to You First

She Reaches out to You First

Making the effort to text or call you first is a clear sign that she’s thinking about you. If she’s reaching out to you out of the blue, it means you’re on her mind. On the other hand, if you find that you are constantly sending message after message while she sparingly replies, it’s likely she isn’t thinking about you in the same way.

3. She Touches You

Girl touching hands

When a woman touches you or stands closer to you during conversation or on a date, it means she is physically comfortable with you. Any woman that is leaning in, brushing your shoulder or touching your hand isn’t doing it by accident.

4. She’s Being Nicer than Usual

She's Being Nicer than Usual

While it isn’t likely you are crushing on someone with a rude personality, you may notice her being really sweet and nice when you spend time together. This means she’s trying to impress you by showing off her good side.

5. She Tells You She’s Single

She Tells You She's Single

When trying to see if a woman is into you, you’ll find that shes always making it known she’s not in a relationship. If she is communicating that she’s available and single, it’s because she wants you to change that.

6. She Asks Personal Questions

She Asks Personal Questions

No woman will waste time trying to get to know someone they have no intentions being with. If you find that she is constantly asking you about your life, family, friends, and interests, she wants to know you on a deeper level.

7. She Stares at You

She Stares at You

Sure, it’s common for men to look into the eyes of their hot companions when talking with them. However, if you find her staring at you often while you spend time together, it means she likes what she sees.

When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to clearly see if a girl is interested in you. Use these seven tips to figure out if your crush feels the same way you do.

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