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How to Give Your Boyfriend His Space without Having a Fight?

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Space or ‘Break up’?

You have been in a long term relationship with the partner of your dreams. You are also well aware of the fact that there are phases you and him could go through. From the anger, to cuddle, to being together, there are so many of them.

If you have also moved in together, there is a possibility of the ‘asking for some space’ coming up. How do you both manage this situation without hurting each other? It could be of an initial shock that both of you need your own space. We offer some tips to let him be on his own when he needs it and you get your ‘me’ time, as well.

1. Space or ‘Break up’?

Space or ‘Break up’?

Ask this question to your partner. It is for you to understand that if it is just space that he’s looking for or feels it’s over between the both of you. Both of you need clarity regarding this problem and see if him wanting space from you is a way of slowly phasing out the relationship. Once your speculations are put to rest, the fights could come to an end. It will also be easier for you to know why he is asking for some space.

2. Help him in nurturing the hobby he always wanted to


He has mentioned wanting to go for guitar lessons or spends more time reading books. Get him to enroll for those classes he’s been lazy to go to. Now that you both have decided to give space to each other, it would be easy to pick up one of your long-lost hobbies.

3. Time to reflect on the relationship


The space you both have decided to take can be used productively and to understand how it could be made better in the future. Do not sulk on what has happened between the both of you and wonder how you both can be improving things. WikiHow states this as a vital step as this would be an eye-opener in making you understand the dependency levels on each other. If you are too dependent on him, your sense of self would be lost.

4. Set some ground rules for this phase


This could be easily conceived as a break between you two as you spend some time apart from each other. He might even go for an incall with an escort. Set some ground rules to be followed and stick to it. Even if that means you would be out with your friends or doing your own thing. Make sure you do check up on each other occasionally as can’t be lost in this phase, can it? Not to forget setting a time period for wanting space as too much of it will never do any good for a relationship.

5. Have lots of fun when you get together


After having established some ground rules, you both could meet for a dinner or meal once a week. However, it works for the both of you. When you do, make sure there is no resentment or hurt of him wanting some space from you. That meet-up should not be spent discussing this and make sure to have some good fun. Be a supportive partner when he needs it the most and prove your accountability at a time when its needed the most.

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