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What are Rebound Relationships and How Long Do They Last?

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Breakups can be hard. When a relationship ends, it is natural to feel depressed, sad, unwanted, angry and a lot of other negative feelings. While some people handle breakups much better than the others, what each person does to move on and come out of this phase is different.

Some resort to seeking help from friends and families and going out, some work out in the gym or get a haircut and focus on their outward appearance.. some people eat a lot of food and some focus on their careers. Each person does different things to feel better. And some people…get into a relationship again.

What’s a rebound relationship?

For some reason, most people today get into subsequent relationships before completely healing from the ending of their previous relationship. Hot girls are not usually single but when they are, they can expect a lot of rebound relationship proposals coming their way.

These relationships, where a person gets romantically involved with another person just after a previous relationship has ended are termed as ‘rebound relationships’. The word ‘rebound’ can mean ‘to recover’ in some contexts and these relationships are just that. They help the person recover from their breakup.

How Long Does It Last and Why?

On average, rebound relationships have a very low success rate and usually last up to only 3 months. Rebound relationships are usually short and fall out as quickly as they started. This could be due to a number of reasons.

1. The foundation of rebound relationships is shaky


The end of a relationship means a period where people are generally emotionally vulnerable. Getting into another relationship when vulnerable can definitely not be healthy. It is just setting yourself up for a heartbreak again because the very foundation of your new relationship is not strong. Lack of self-worth, loneliness, revenge – these are common reasons why people get into relationships quickly before they have had the time to move on completely.

2. Emotional detachment and fear of commitment

This is understandable since the person getting involved is not yet emotionally healed from the previous relationship. People in rebound relationships mostly focus on being intimate and physical and show a lack of interest in commitment. This is because their feelings of hurt and rejection from the previous relationship is still fresh.

3. It is unfair to the partner


When you think about it, a rebound relationship is really unfair to the person who is emotionally available. The other person is with them only to forget their past lover or ex-girlfriend and seeking them just to fill the void and get a connection. The partner in a rebound relationship often does not get the love he/she needs and is constantly an emotional support.

4. Negative feelings and lack of self-love

Self-love is the only thing that can truly make a person happy with oneself. Rebound relationships start as a quick remedy to recover from the loneliness caused by their ex and this means that there is still a feeling of distress, lack of self-worth and other such feelings present that the individual needs to work on. A relationship can be successful only if the two people in it value themselves as much as they value each other.

5. When reality hits, things turn ugly

Rebound relationships seem fun and adventurous when they start. After all, it is always nice to feel wanted and attractive when you’ve just been left by a person. However, in this whirlwind of emotions, you do not tend to pay attention to the qualities you look for in your potential partners. It’s all fun and games until one day, you realize that you got into this without much thought. When reality hits you, you have just another heartbreak to deal with.

Not all rebound relationships fail; some do succeed and turn into long-lasting happily ever after. However, relationships are hard and if you are not sure about your feelings for a person, it is always better to take the time to heal before moving on.

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