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What is a Toxic Relationship?

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Constant Criticism Tears Partners Apart

Toxic relationships aren’t always easy to identify. Even the most loving of couples can find themselves in unhealthy relationships. While relationships all have issues, there can be a tipping point where the problems become unbearable.

Understanding Toxic Relationships

In healthy relationships, both partners should build off of each other to become better versions of themselves. In toxic relationships, partners work to tear each other down through destructive behaviors. Read on to get a better understanding of how a love relationship can easily turn into something unhealthy.

1. Complaining Couples Bring Each Other Down

Complaining Couples Bring Each Other Down

Constant complaining from one or both partners is a tell-tale sign that the relationship is suffering. Complaints hint at an underlying sense of negativity, ultimately working to wear you and your partner down. Of course, it is impossible to be happy with everything all of the time, but complaining isn’t the only option.

Instead of having a negative put-down about any particular problems, both partners should work to find the lighter side of things. For example, if one person complains that the other partner “never listens”, the better alternative would be to say “I’d like it if I could have more of your attention”. Instead of constantly putting the blame on each other, try to change both of your perspectives.

2. Constant Criticism Tears Partners Apart

Constant Criticism Tears Partners Apart

In many relationships, partners make a habit of frequently criticizing each other until becomes second nature. At the point in a relationship where both parties start taking each other for granted, it can be very easy to see all the flaws in the other person.

A good way to counter criticism in a relationship is to point out when you or your partner are being hyper-critical. Being open and honest about how this criticism makes both of you feel will help each of you understand how to better choose your words. Similarly, be sure to point out the qualities you love about your partner. When both partners are secure in the approval of their loved one, there is little room left for criticism.

3. Always Making Contradictions can Ruin Relationships

Always Making Contradictions can Ruin Relationships

When partners struggle to have the last word or are constantly contradicting the other, the relationship is close to its breaking point. Though your partner may be wrong, feeling the need to constantly contradict them when it comes to things that are more or less irrelevant will only spell trouble.

4. Controlling Partners Create Toxic Relationships

Controlling Partners Create Toxic Relationships

When a partner begins to act in a controlling way, it can often be misconstrued as being overprotective. However, the truth is that with a controlling partner, the roles between both parties are unequal. Instead of having mutual respect, one partner will feel that they are in a position of power over the other. This type of controlling behavior will put any relationship at risk.

5. Being Purposefully Disagreeable Pushes Partners Away

Being Purposefully Disagreeable Pushes Partners Away

In troubled relationships, many partners will go out of their way to be rude and disagreeable. In this sort of relationship, either partner will immediately respond “no” to any favor asked, simply because they want to inconvenience the other person. While all “no’s” aren’t signs of unhealthy relationships, trying to agree more often and aiming to please your partner is always a better way to help the relationship grow.

Relationships are complicated on their own, and with the addition of these toxic habits can become impossible to maintain. Use these five traits of unhealthy relationships to help point you and your partner towards a better future.

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