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Why Do Women Stay In Abusive Relationships?

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Relationships are the key to a happy life. They not only lay down a strong foundation based on values and trust but also ensure that a person remains comforted with all the affection that is meant to make them feel loved.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that people seldom get to experience love in its pure form, and often befall into the hands of perpetrators. This post goes for all the lovely ladies out there who are battling every day hoping to see a better tomorrow. Here are 6 reasons why women can’t get out of abusive relationships that easily:

1. For The Sake Of Their Children:

family time

Married women are mostly the victim of an abusive relationship. When we say abuse, we do not confine just to the physical aspect of it, oppression and neglect can be forms of abuse as well. Married women suppress their feelings and emotions for the sake of their kids, hoping to give them a childhood they can build their future upon.

2. Because They’re Addicted To Their Company:


Some women just can’t spend a moment without being in the company of someone they’re interested in. They are more vulnerable to abuses as their addiction takes away their power of understanding and clouds their vision. The things that normal people would find offensive won’t even matter to them, probably because of the way and extent to which they’ve been manipulated already.

3. Because They Think That’s All They Deserve:


Some women are so low on self-esteem that they barely give a thought to what they really deserve for being the person they are. Low self-confidence only makes women vulnerable to the perpetrators who can sense their insecurities and later swoop in as some devil disguised as savior. If you constantly feel you’re only worth the next guy you see, we suggest you going to a therapist rather than dating.

4. Victim To Chauvinistic Behavior:

Many women give in to the excessive aggression shown by their partners for the sake of whatever little peace they can get in their lives. A male chauvinist often tends to be dominating without giving any opportunity to reason over something genuine. If a woman feels too scared to talk, there are very little chances that she’ll initiate parting ways with her partner at all.

5. Too scared:

I don’t want to piss off any feminists here, but women empowerment is hardly implemented even now in the third world countries. These are the countries where women are still struggling for their rights and depend on their partners for every little thing they seek. In places like these, the male dominance often creates a sense of fear amongst many, leading to abuses and inequality in the relationship.

6. Hope:

Women have always been far more optimistic than men ever can be. Their instincts tell them to hold on to someone hoping that eventually they will see the wrong in them and mend their ways. While this sometimes works for a few, many end up regretting their decision as a broken relationship can barely be fixed well enough to make it last a lifetime.

Women especially find themselves on the receiving end of abuse most of the time with no explanations whatsoever. This might be due to the fact that a woman is always willing to give up things for whatever little she had been promised at the beginning of the relationship. We, however, want you to gather all your might and get out of the relationship if it has been intoxicating you lately. Be the fierce woman you want your daughter to grow up to be.

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